Intermundia is a duo of film and epic music composers based in London, creating epic orchestral and hybrid electronic music. We specialise in sci-fi, thriller, horror, action and any other media requiring suspense or epicness (or both!). We also release independent albums, and we perform epic music and film soundtracks live. 

Intermundia, Epic Music Compoers


Our main job is to compose soundtracks for films, TV, videogames and any other media needing music in order to arouse suspense, thrill and epicness to the audience. We often work for thrillers and sci-fi films. 


Here is the demo reel of films we composed the music for over the last years. We are currently accepting new work, therefore if you need bespoke music do not hesitate to contact us.

Intemundia, epic music composers


Besides composing music for films and videogames, we release independent epic music albums, singles and EPs, both for  our audience and for licensing in trailers and other media.

Intermundia, epic music composers

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