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Intermundia is a duo of epic music and film composers based in London, Milan and Bologna.

Intermundia, film composers

What is Intermundia?

Intermundia is a duo of epic music and film composers based between London and Bologna made up of Edoardo Romussi and Luca Montorsi.


We are specialised in composing hybrid orchestral music, a blend of powerful electronic sounds with emotional orchestral elements.


We aim to convert every little nuance of the astonishing universe we live in into music, translating what’s physical and detached by nature into something abstract and emotionally perceivable. We create concept albums in order to lead the listener through a metaphysical journey towards a specific topic.


We dare to dream of a world where film music is not just a complement to what’s happening on the screen, but rather plays a key role in the storytelling process… Because we believe that what we hear brings us much closer to the deepness of what we feel, well beyond the shallowness of what we see.


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The musical style of Intermundia, film composers in London

Our musical style is a blend of traditional elements (which have been the ageless foundation behind centuries of classical and orchestral music) and modern ingredients (cheekily borrowed from the provocative worlds of rock and electronic music) – a seamless fusion between the wisdom of a solid past and the excitement for a challenging future.


Luca and Edoardo have a very different musical background, encompassing a broad variety of genres. When we met, we immediately foresaw the potential of blending our diverse sets of skills into a unique powerful toolbox and it didn’t take us long either to realise that the natural evolution of our fortuitous encounter would be to join forces in order to finally steer our careers towards what had been for years, secretly and for both of us, our true passion: film scoring music.


The product of this “nuclear fusion” is an extremely intense hybrid and cinematic epic music, a careful blend of classical / ethnic instruments and analogue / digital synthesisers, a sonic landscape where traditional composition techniques (such as counterpoint and classical orchestration textures), folk and ancient musical elements (including medieval modes) and advanced sound design synthesis (additive, subtractive, FM and wavetable… just to mention a few) not only coexist but symbiotically interact with each other and thrive. We are highly influenced by artists such as Hans Zimmer and Two Steps From Hell .


Our Musical Style

The concept of Intermundia, film composers London

Our Concept

Music is magic. It’s truly astonishing how a mere vibration of the air particles around us can give life to such a huge variety of intense and extraordinary emotions inside the human brain. Music is not just a hobby or a pastime: it’s nourishment for the human creativity, it unchains our imagination allowing it to freely bloom and flourish within the garden of our mind, it deeply empowers our soul to pursue higher states of consciousness. Through music, we can easily overcome our physical limits and embark on endless metaphysical journeys that would just be completely out of reach otherwise. Music can make humans infinite


We aim to translate the diversity intrinsic to human life and the various elements of the cosmos into what is by far the most widely understood language in the world: music. Our albums are always built around a specific underlying thread, which runs consistently through each and every track in order to take the listener on a wondrous journey of discovery.​ 


In a way, we are nothing more than scientists: we strive to study the fascinating relationship between music and the human mind, experimenting with familiar sounds and unusual textures alike, tirelessly trying to uncover the hidden yet tremendously powerful connection that ties together the fabric of the universe.​

Our Name

Intermundia” is a Latin word created by the ancient Roman philosopher Lucretius as a translation of the Greek concept of μετακόσμια (“metakosmia”), initially described by Epicurus. It indicates hypothetical empty spaces within the infinite void that precedes the formation of brand new worlds, given by the collision of atoms through their endless motion.


We chose this name for several reasons, the most significant being the correlation between the epicurean atomism concept outlined above and the more recent omnium multiverse theory – according to which there are infinite parallel universes… and each and every one of them is home to infinite possibilities. Since there are no known ways to create physical multiverse tunnels, the only feasible approach to building a bridge over the infinite void that separates these parallel universes is music. We aim to be exactly that bridge: the “Intermundia”, a musical tunnel between universes.


Discover More About Us

Edoardo Romussi

Edoardo's background is mainly electronic and classical. He has been studying classical music since he was 11, plus he produced electronic music for more than six years. 

Luca Montorsi

Luca's background is mainly rock and acoustic. His first contact with music dates back to 1998, when he first tried a guitar. Since then, he has been playing it every day for 21 years.

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Intermundia, film composers

Our film music demo reel:

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