A seamless fusion between tradition, the wisdom of a solid past, and innovation, the excitement for a challenging future.

Intermundia, epic trailer music composers

Besides composing soundtracks, we compose and release independent epic trailer music albums, EPs and singles, for our fanbase and for licensing in trailers, TV and other media. 


Our style is a mix of orchestral music, rock and experimental electronic music. We, therefore, create a seamless fusion between the power of orchestras and the freedom of sound design.


All our albums have a concept and a story behind them. In each piece of music, we want to tell a story, a magical tale of a land far from us.

Here you can listen to our full discography:

Cybernetic Introspection, epic trailer music album
Helios, epic trailer music album
Undaunted, epic trailer music album
Queen of Winter, epic trailer music album
Intermundia, epic trailer musc composers