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A seamless fusion between tradition, the wisdom of a solid past, and innovation, the excitement for a challenging future.

Intermundia, epic trailer music composers

Besides composing soundtracks, we compose and release independent epic trailer music albums, EPs and singles, for our fanbase and for licensing in trailers, TV and other media. 


Our style is a mix of orchestral music, rock and experimental electronic music. We, therefore, create a seamless fusion between the power of orchestras and the freedom of sound design.


All our albums have a concept and a story behind them. In each piece of music, we want to tell a story, a magical tale of a land far from us.

Here you can listen to our full discography:



Release Date: 15 December 2021

Composed during the first lockdown, this is our first release done in collaboration. With the voice of Kitty Richardson, who wrote the lyrics, the song tells the story of an eternal creature, analysing the concept and the complications of eternity itself.

Queen of Winter

Queen of Winter, epic trailer music album

Release Date: 09 September 2019

Queen of Winter has been composed for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, where we performed. The concept that inspired us is Cailleach,  a Gaelic divine hag and ancestor, associated with storms and winter. In Scottish folklore, she is known as Beira, Queen of Winter. This for us sounded like the perfect concept to take inspiration from, for a song related to Edinburgh. Although usually Beira is depicted as an old, sometimes terrifying woman, we opted for a more modernised version.


Undaunted, epic trailer music album
Anchor 2

Release Date: 15 December 2017

Undaunted was our third release and second EP. It depicts a similar fight analysed in the EP Cybernetic Introspection, but this time it talks about a battle against ourselves. When we start a new quest, a new project or adventure, we initially feel Fearless, as the excitement of the new takes over us. However, while we fly carefree, we start seeing Misty Peaks, problems and obstacles start to arise. We then need to face The Enemy Within, our biggest enemy, that forces us to stop, as we lose faith in ourselves. However, once we win the fight against our enemy, we rise stronger, braver, more determined. We have Risen, we are now undaunted.


Helios, epic trailer music album

Release Date: 29 May 2017

Helios was our second release and our first single. The song is inspired by Helios himself, the ancient Greek god and personification of the Sun. Helios, also called Apollo by the Romans, is often depicted driving a horse-drawn chariot through the sky. We composed this song imagining the divinity fighting in the sky against Nyx, the goddess of the night, in an epic combat seeing not only the two gods confront each other, but also a battle of day against night, light against darkness, sun against moon.

Cybernetic Introspection

Cybernetic Introspection, epic trailer music album

Release Date: 23 January 2017

Cybernetic Introspection was our very first release. The EP translates in music the social effects of technology, in particular groundbreaking discoveries. As soon as a new discovery comes to life, there is always a mixture of excitement together with strong diffidence, a clear show that The World is Changing. However, with time people get used to the new change, and diffidence fades away. However, we become so used to the new technology that we ignore potential risks, and this causes a Red Dusk, a social bias, that eventually fades into chaos, Turmoil, and we have to deal with the side effects of the new technology, and the misuse of it. In the aftermath, we learn how to properly use the discovery for growth, rather than destruction, and we come to the Cybernetic Introspection.

Intermundia, epic trailer musc composers
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