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Instrument Played: Piano, Voice, Percussions (basic).


Favourite Instruments: Violin, Organ and Piano.


Compositional Strengths: Melodies, Counterpoint, Orchestral Arrangement, Sound Design.


Favourite Music Genres: Orchestral, Epic, Film Music, Classical Music, EDM.


Favourite Film Scoring Composers: Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard.


Favourite Classical Composers: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Grieg. 


Favourite Rock Artists: AC/DC, Within Temptation.


Favourite Electronic Music Artists: KSHMR, Merk & Kremont, Armin Van Buuren.


Favourite Pop Artists: Pharrell Williams, Rag'n'Bone Man, Woodkid.


Favourite Book: "The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett (1989).

Favourite Film: "Interstellar" by Christopher Nolan (2014) - Music by Hans Zimmer.

Favourite Places: London, Milan, Monaco, Biella.

Favourite Food: Pizza, Sushi.

Edoardo Romussi

Edoardo Romussi is one of the composers behind the epic orchestral music project Intermundia. 


His musical background is mainly classical and electronic. He has been studying classical music since he was 11 and he spent a good part of his youth listening to orchestral music and exploring its many facets, such as opera singing and orchestration. For the last six years, he has been a DJ and EDM (electronic dance music) producer, working among other things with NBMusic Agency under the pseudonym Yrden.


Following this experience, he decided to quit the EDM scene and, shortly after, he moved to London with the aim of entirely devoting his time to orchestral music composition. There he met Luca Montorsi and together they gave life to Intermundia. 


Edoardo applies a “researcher and philosophical approach” to his composing process: in the past, he thoroughly studied anthropology, psychology and other human sciences… Therefore he is extremely interested in unravelling the behaviour of the human mind and what kind of influence music plays on it. He has been studying the relationship between humans, societies and music for a few years now, developing a solid understanding of the channels through which our personality affects our musical tastes and vice versa. He is interested in the relationship between societies, history and music. Furthermore, he profoundly loves philosophy and thinking about deep existential questions, and he thinks that music is a way to inspect deep dilemmas and express complex thoughts. 

Furthermore, Edoardo has a deep passion for space. His biggest dream is to explore space and discover far worlds light years from us. He is a big fan of Stephen Hawking.


Edoardo is an eclectic creative thinker, a passionate visionary and an unstoppable dreamer. Besides music, he is an entrepreneur and a film director, owning and running the video production company Kleos Media. Being a film director and knowing well the filmmaking process from the "other side", not just from a composer's perspective, makes Intermundia's film composing skills unique. Edoardo's composing style is in fact very visual, and extremely focused on storytelling.